Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dr Visit

Went to the Dr on Monday, failed BIG time the NST I mean it was like a straight line on the heartbeat constant 140, even when she used the buzzer nothing. So they went ahead with the BPP ultrasound, everything looked fine there, fluid level has gone down to like 18.1 so he said that was good. The fun part is at 36 weeks you get to be examined when you go, so since I go twice a week...I am holding out hope.....He said she was going to be a BIG baby. I go back on Thursday and he went ahead and ordered another ulra sound with the NST since the last NST was not good.

We had pancakes for supper tonight, and I saw on the internet how to make letter pancakes. Now you are suppose to have a squirt bottle, but since I do not keep extra of those I had to improvise with a spoon for the letter A, of course I had to take a picture of it. Amelia and I tried to do a heart, but that one did not work out.


The Holtons said...

Cute pancake!! Hang in there...your time is quickly running out, Avie will be here soon.

The Holtons said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Saw pictures and Video on Auntie Amy's blog, she is precious! Love you!