Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 Months Old

Today Avie is 2 months old. She is sleeping all night, YEA!!!!, and she is eating will see proof of that as you scroll down!! That is about all of the exciting things she does, she still has a little bobble head, but she can hold it up for longer periods of time almost every day. Now for some pictures.

She makes the funniest face when she is crying and then stops, she just curls those lips and as Amelia says "looks Pafetic." After her bath, if she is fussy a bath always calms her down.

Below is the proof that she is having no trouble eating and gaining weight. Her hair looks curly when she gets out of the bath before I comb it, but if you let it dry without combing it down it looks like she stuck her finger in an electrical outlet.

propped up in her crib

These are her friends. She loves to watch them spin around and around.

She loves to sit up and watch what is going on around her. Amelia and I were sitting on the couch and she was watching us.

and then her head fell...............
This last pictures is for my family and Ginny.......yes her thumb is in her mouth!! She usually only does this when she gets done with a bottle. I told Donald her mind is bigger than her stomach!!

That is all for now, she goes to the Dr on the 7th, I feel certain she will have made leaps and bounds on that growth chart.


The Holtons said...

Love the thumb!!!! She is getting so big. I am so like her...a nice hot bath will usually calm me down too:). When can you come swimming?

MJN6 said...

Precious pictures. So glad you all are doing well.

Dart-Dart said...

Amazing Avie! You are indeed an answer to lots of people's prayers from a lot of places. She's a doll baby XOXO--papa & bev

Louise said...

She is getting so big and cuter and cuter!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Avie! A good sleeping baby makes for a very happy mommy(and daddy). Glad she is doing well.

kim said...

These pics are adorable-as well as your family!!