Saturday, June 07, 2008

The end of swimming lessons

Friday was the last day of swim lessons, it was also the best day Amelia had. Wednesday and Thursday she was AWFUL!!!! She did not cry she screamed bloody was ridiculous. Friday she was a different person.
Below she is on the kick board she went all around kicking.

Bobby Tucker making her swim underwater to the wall.

Floating on her back

swimming underwater

on the kickboard

jumping in

We went to Bev's pool today and she swam all around by herself. We also had their pictures made, I will try and post some of those later.


Anonymous said...

Meemae, we bought you and Abby some diving rings and goggles for the pool. I am proud of you for not crying on Friday night for Bobby Tucker--just to let you know your mother used to scream bloody murder @ VSU's pool when he gave her lessons all those years ago. I'm sure he woke up in the night hearing her cry "NO Bobby Tucker". Congrats on the good job you did at swimming, good for you! XO, Papa & Bev

The Holtons said...

great job, Amelia! Glad it's over for you. Come over and swim with us one day! Ginny

Hicks Family said...

Amelia, Congrats on the swimming...maybe you can teach Kayden some tricks!