Monday, September 01, 2008

St Augustine

So Friday afternoon we set out for Kevin and Lori's.
Here is Avie ready for her first trip to the beach. Here is Amelia excited and ready. We took my laptop so she could watch movies in the back, of course she went to sleep at about Lake City and I was stuck all the way in the back.

We got there about 8:30 and Amelia was super excited to see Kevin, Lori, Nabu and Jami.
On Saturday I went walking while Amelia, Kevin and Lori were in the hot tub. When I got back we got ready and went for breakfast and then a bait stop for Kevin and Donald. Then finally to the beach. Doesn't she look happy to be here!!

Amelia could not wait to get to the sand.

Avie passed out in her swing.
Amelia got really brave and "surfed". She did so good this time in the waves.

Amelia loves the dogs, Nabu and Jami. Here they are stalking a squirrel in the yard.
I took some pics of the girls that turned out good.
A family photo. Look at Avie holding that head up!!

Kevin and Lori with the girls
The goof balls making silly faces.
Today, Monday we went down to the inlet so Amelia could spend some time playing.....and Kevin & Donald.
Donald and I had gone to Target right before it closed Sunday and got Avie this cute sun hat.
She was not impressed and soon fell asleep.
Donald and Kevin rented a kayak, here Kevin went across the inlet...
and then had to come back.

Amelia could not wait for her turn

She loved the paddle
I was not very good with the kayak...
Donald taking his turn.
Then he took Amelia for a short trip.
When it was Lori's turn I was feeding Avie so we missed getting her pic. We had such a good time, as usual. Thanks Kevin & Lori!!!!


Bev said...

such good pictures, looks like you had a great labor day weekend, just thinkk, next year there will be 3 little munchkins to amuse. XO Steve&Beverly p.s. I want a copy of the family beach photo, it was beautiful

Bev said...

Another thought--did you everwonder how the computer comes up with those lazy looking word verification lattersso fast? With a 26 leter alphabet, wonder how many different combinations there are and what's with the wheel chair person at the end of the verification space is that for handicapped bloggers? Just wondering...

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

Looks like you all had a great time. What an awesome way to end the summer. I love Avie's sun hat and her hair is adorable. Adalynn still doesn't really have any and we are quickly approaching 15 months. I can barely get part of it pulled into a pony tail on top.

Heather said...

Avie's hair is so cute!! It's really coming in, on the top AND sides. Ahhh, I just realized I won't get to do ponytails, with my boy! : ) Is that swing a smaller one? I can't imagine lugging our swing around. Do you use that one at home too? Aidan's liking his swing again, luckily. It's such a lifesaver sometimes... like when I need to make a bottle! Great pictures!!