Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brecken is here

Brecken made her entrance around 12:45, she is so cute and so tiny. I just sent Terri some more pics so check her blog, she already had a couple up. Please keep Brecken in your prayers over the next couple of days as they run test on her kidneys. Also Melis, I saw her tonight, she probably will not remember though....but since she saw me in my finest drugged state I decided to return the favor.

Also....Avie has a TERRIBLE rash on her neck, actually it starts on her jaw line and goes mid chest. I think it is from the super amount of drooling she has been doing and her neckline staying so damp, I mean lets face it she kinda has some rolls so that drool gets caught in there. we have been using Desitin and trying to keep her shirt off as much as possible so it can air out....if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

I guess I will make my weekly call to CHOA tomorrow about the pre anesthesia visit, last week when I called they claimed they did not have Avie's cardiac clearance, which I know was sent to them and the craniofacial center and the Dr's office all has, but I told the lady I had it scanned in my system at work and I would be glad to send to her right then, she said she would have the Nurse review and let me know.....still waiting to hear. I just do not want to get a call next Thursday saying they need to see her on Friday...I am just ready for this to be behind us!!!


Good Remedy said...

Hello! So sorry to hear about the rash. No advice of any use about that, but encouragement: Holly's drooling stopped altogether after her soft palate repair. Hope Avie's improves after surgery too!

LaurieR said...

I'm ready for it all to be over too! Thanks for keeping me updated today!

Amanda Walenga said...

Are you using Desitin clear? If not, try drying the area off really well and putting Aquaphor on it at every diaper. Aquaphor is my hero...it is good for just about everything! It should keep it waterproof for a while.