Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our little turtle!!

Avie reminds us of a little turtle when she is on her stomach bobbing her head around.

She had to keep looking at me to make sure I had not left the room.
Melissa came over this afternoon so Kayden and Amelia could play, she is SO ready for Baby Brecken. Please remember her on Tuesday when Brecken makes her grand entrance we can not wait to meet her:)
And Laurie I left you a bout them DAWGS!!!


LaurieR said...

I respectfully ignored your message :^)

Amanda Walenga said...

Hello. Your girls are beautiful! Avie is like a little turtle! That's too cute!

Yes, the Habermans worked quite well with the Playtex bottles. You have to make sure it is screwed on just right though or its a leaky mess. I did use the valve thingy on there. I don't know how it would work off, but I'll definitely try! It would make less dishes and tiny pieces to deal with.

Hope to hear from you again :).


Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

I just read Laurie's blog and saw that Avie has a surgery coming up...keep us updated and we'll be praying that the surgery goes smoothly!