Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surgery is Tuesday the 28th on Atlanta.

They have not said she will be off a bottle afterwards, I would assume not since she will only be 6 months old.


Good Remedy said...

We will be praying for you all on the 28th. I think I remember that this is the soft palate? Holly did well with this surgery, except for the reflux. Her esophagus was sore afterwards.

The main thing about Holly and the bottle after the soft palate repair, was to offer the bottle on the side of her mouth, maybe squeeze a little to help. But mostly Holly bit on the tip between her gums.

The no formula/clear liquids thing is tough. But not as bad as I thought, just as long as they start on time!!! So I'll pray for that too!

Sincerely, Peggy Fisher

The Holtons said...

We have been out of town since last Friday and I was afraid that the surgery was this past week-wish it had been for you-but I am glad I didn't miss it. You have been in our prayers. I hope to get to talk to you this week, but if not call me if you need anything! I love you-Ginny

Mary said...

Good luck with surgery! When Ian had his at Scottish Rite with Dr. Williams they let him still use a bottle and he was 9 months. I would think little Avie would be able to as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy 6-Month Birthday, Avie Laura Dawkins! XO Papa&Bev 10-25-2008