Saturday, November 22, 2008


Billye, Katherine and I went to see Twilight last night. It was GREAT!! I highly recommend you read the book before you go to the movie so you will understand some of the parts, Katherine had not read the book yet. I thought that there would be no way the movie was as good as the book but I was surprised! I was also surprised how funny it was.....We did sit in the handicapped seats, but I told Billye and Katherine since we were about the oldest ones there it was probably ok.

Anyone else seen it yet??


Heather said...

Ugh, I haven't seen it yet!!!! Originally I was going to go yesterday, but we had too many things going on. So I think my mom and I are going the day after Thanksgiving (and we'll probably sit in the handicapped section too!!!). Glad to hear it's good - and funny! But my friend said the characters didn't really look like what she imagined (except Bella and Edward). I'm still excited to see it. : )