Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

Lots of things have gone on the past few days!!

A couple of weeks ago Lindsay took some family photos for us. She took a ton so I only posted a few, I think they turned out great!! Avie refused to look at the camera.

Donald and the girls.

The girls and I.

We changed one of the swings in the back yard back to the baby swing. Amelia and Avie have really enjoyed playing outside in the nice weather.

Don't worry Donald was right beside her.
We put out the snowman scene, however we did not have a chance to add Avie.....

Since we do not get snow....or even cold weather.....we have to improvise for Snow Angels, with Leaf Angels.

Thomas was able to go with me to Amelia's Christmas party.
Amelia was so excited about her gift.
Thomas was pretty excited about his gift as well.

Last weekend Donald, Chuck and I went to a concert, it was AWESOME. However, no pics since Donald, Chuck nor I have camera phones.
Now to Christmas week-
On Monday I went with my Mom and Amy to see Mr. Mike at the Hospice House. We were able to spend some time in his room visiting with Lila, Alice, April, and Ms Anita.
On Tuesday we had Christmas with Donald's parents.
Amelia loved her sticker book Kevin and Lori!!

Avie trying to get in the bag.

Now start noticing how Avie looks....

On Wednesday I got off about 12:30 so Amelia and I had to get our cookies baked for Santa.
On Wednesday, Christmas Eve, we went to Bevs for dinner, then to Church. After Church we went back to Bev's for presents.
These three are nothing but trouble!!!!!
Anna got an electric tooth brush.
Now for Avie, before we left for Bev's on Wednesday, Avie had a temperature of 102, she pretty much slept all Wednesday evening. We think...she is cutting a tooth but have yet to see it pop through.
She did wake up a little to open a present.
Look these two are actually getting along.
Abby gave us Snowmen that look like Avie and Amelia. Well Amelia's had glasses so Anna had to try them on, Bev/Amy I think she kinda looks like Linda S......
And keeping with the family tradition we took the family photo. Notice how all the children are looking at the camera with a genuine happy look, back row adults looking at camera smiling, Bev looking at camera holding Anna and smiling.....and then there is Steve/Papa.....
oh wait he is looking at the camera with the help I am fixing to be shot look, and Anna was trying to get BEBE (Avie/Baby)
When we got home on Wednesday we had to get Santa's cookies ready.
Avie was in a very good mood this morning, she always loves to have her picture snapped and usually has a grin to go with it. Here we are waiting for Amelia and Donald to get up, we eventually woke them up around 7:30.
before present opening time.
Avie and her stocking.
Amelia and her stocking.
Avie ready to open her presents.
Amelia ready to get started on her opening.
Santa brought Amelia a "basketball court". She was so excited about it, and to our surprise she can dribble quite well.

Avie had fever pretty much all day today, as high as 101.9. She has been very sleepy and not very hungry. Hopefully if it is a tooth it will go ahead and break through.


Heather said...

Dang, girl, what a post!! Loved it (and read) it all!! I can't believe how different Avie is looking these days. Even the last few pictures are so different than your new top picture (which turned out great! Your friend is awesome!). Her hair seems to be getting lighter - and more of it! Poor thing, though, with a fever. I wonder if it is a tooth. She's sitting up great too! So different are our little ones. : )

It was good to see pictures of YOU!

Glad you had a fun and busy Christmas!

The Holtons said...

Can't believe you got your post up so quickly! Sounds like you all have had a great few days! Sorry Avie has that fever, hope she is better today. LOVE the b-ball court! Go-o-o-o-o Amelia!!!!