Saturday, December 13, 2008


Amelia had her program on Monday night, once again some genius at GCS thought the mood had to be set in the gym which means turning on only half the I got a bunch of dark pics. The video turned out a bit better. She was so cute!! The rest are just some pics from before Church on Wednesday. It was about 75 degrees outside!!


Louise said...

I love that Avie is so smiley and happy!!! :)

Heather said...

SO parents really don't like it when the lights are out for programs?? Good to know! I always feel bad that we can't turn ours off, because our stage lights aren't bright enough. I think when lights are out, it's easier for the performers... but obviously not for the picture-takers!

Dang, 75 degrees? It just started snowing here!!

And seriously, how do you always manage to get Avie smiling? I swear you must have an electric shock thingy running to her, and you buzz her the second before you click the camera.