Saturday, January 31, 2009

Real bananas, dress to school, another ballgame, and Lori's shower

We have had a very busy week!! We got one of those net feeders and Avie ate a real banana, she loved it.

Amelia HATES wearing dresses, however she announced on Wednesday she wanted to wear a dress to school I had to dig to find this one. Luckily my BEST HAND ME DOWN friend Dawn brought me a bag of goodies on Thursday full of dresses.
Amelia had two more games, one on Thursday and then one again today. She had LOTS of fans today. Big Thanks to Abby, Anna, Kayden, Brecken, John, Melissa, Amy, Kevin & Lori for cheering her on, and for the sign Abby made!!

Lori had her "family" baby shower today.
Me and my BFF, I told Donald she likes me about second best.....behind Bev. I think because of Avie.....

Lori got a lot of great stuff, I am sure she will get lots more tomorrow at the Church Shower.
She had LOTS of helpers.

This will go good with the baby bedding she picked out.
And my friend Becca(who we stayed with at Avie's surgery) had her sweet baby yesterday, Ava Katherine 6lbs 9 ounces.


Shannon said...

sounds like you guys are staying busy! Is Avie eating a lot? She looks like she is getting so big! At 16+ lbs she is quickly approaching Adalynn. At 19 mos she only weighed 21 lbs!

Are you really going to Disney? I just noticed your ticker! We said we would go there when we lived in GA, but never made it! One of these days we will. I have NEVER been there, so I think in some ways I want to go more than the kids/

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

Shannon is us...sorry I forgot to change my account!

Bev said...

I've never heard of a net feeder but when you and Amy were babies, I would smash a banana with a fork, add a bit of sugar and from one banana you could eat for 2 days! Amelia was so cute that day with the dress & leggings, she told me she looked like Hannah Montana. Both showers for Lori were wonderful and there were so many beautiful outfits and wonderful baby items, now all we need is for Charlee to get here! If you have a blender or one of those "bullit" mini lenders, you can make Avie's food and it is very cost efficient. When I made yours & Amy's I stored it in plastic ice cube trays, popped them out and warmed them as needed (remember I didn't have a microwave until we bought this house--how did we live?) See you, love you--Bev P.S. I didn't think all that baby food stuff up, every mom my age did al that--jarred baby food and disposable diapers were luxeries used for travel and not everyday convenienceand NO I didn't know Laura Ingalls!