Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lots of pics

Avie had to go to the Dr AGAIN today. She has the cough again, they heard wheezing and she has an ear infection. So we have 3 Rx, it is beginning to feel like we will never get her well!!

Amelia LOVES to take pictures, she had the camera the other day in the car and caught this one. Abbey (Donald's parents 3rd child) is still on the mend from the accident (She was ran over around New Years).

Amelia snapped this pic of Nabu.

She also likes to take pictures of herself.
Sunday we had the Church shower for baby Charlee.

This is not one of my better pics..

Amelia took this one of Abby and me, I think she did good.

Gina did a GREAt job on this diaper cake.
Kayden and Amelia

Another one of me and Amelia, and the reflection on her specs.

Avie in the car.

And now......yes someone has moves. She finally crawled on Wednesday after this lovely move. I tried to upload the video of her crawling but could not get it to work. She can also wave bye-bye when you tell her to.


Louise said...

Hope Avie gets to feeling better soon! That diaper cake is amazing!!!

Heather said...

Yay, she's crawling!! Watch out, Mama! Amelia's quite the photographer, I'd say. : )

LaurieR said...

Those pictures are TOO cute! Just send Avie up here with me, we'll just be sickly together!

Anonymous said...

These girls are so sweet! Love the new background! Much easier to read and so "girly". Linda

Louise said...

I'm pretty sure the one with the bowtie probably had a boyfriend!!!