Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anna and Avie

We have always affectionately referred to Anna as the 'Lil Terrorist. I am not real sure when we started or where it came from but it has ALWAYS fit.......however............... she now has company, introducing the Tiny Terrorist................she is on the move (FAST) and into everything. You can tell her NO and she just smiles and cackles!!!! She loves to ride in the stroller, but she does not sit back no she lays as far as she can forward, she almost tipped over Saturday at the park.

She will be 10 months on Wednesday so there will be 10 exciting things about her.


The Holtons said...

I guess that is the way all terroists are...they fool you with their looks! Those are 2 cute girls!!!!

Leigh said...

They are 2 tooo cute girls! Terrorist or not! :) Maybe they will grow out of it! :)