Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 months

Our little one is 10 months old today!!! She is quite the handful:)

1. She can crawl...FAST
2. She loves to push the keys on the laptop
3. when you tell her no, she just laughs
4. She loves glasses, especially Amelia's
5. She loves to eat, we gave her a strawberry on Monday and she loved it
6. She can pull up on everything, when she does this she can reach all new things, her favorite is folded laundry, which she then unfolds.
7. She has shown a little stranger anxiety, she freaked out tonight at the gas station when we saw our old neighbor....then again I am a little scared of Tom as well:)
8. She loves Sunday School
9. She can make a BIG MESS
10. She still smiles and laughs all the time. On Saturday Amelia had her basketball team party.

Getting her trophy.

Avie loved riding in the cart at Sams. They have the best carts with room for two in the front. She did try and get Amelia's icee the whole time.


Heather said...

Sounds like she's getting into all sorts of trouble!! That's great she's eating different foods! I've been trying toast and oranges with Aidan... he makes the funniest faces! He has 3 teeth now and I think the top left (in his cleft) is coming because he's been a grump!!

I love those carts too - even if I don't have two kids!

The Holtons said...

Time surely flies!! I just love it when I've finally folded the laundry and Jess decides to "help"!

Heather said...

Yeah, I would've never tried toast if it hadn't been on the list from our pediatrician's office. (ok, I just looked at the list again, and it's not on there! I must've read it somewhere). Anyway, I just lightly toasted a piece of regular ol' wheat bread (no grains or oats). I tore it up in bits and fed it to him (and watched him cringe), but then he grabbed a big piece and sucked on it. He did ok - choked a couple times. I've tried it about 4 more times and he seems to like it more, but he still wants the big piece and not the little ones I'm breaking up for him.

Warning - it makes a HUGE mess. Soggy toast drooling out his mouth - yuck!

What "real" foods have you tried? I did shredded cheese and he wanted nothing to do with it. Black beans - nope. The orange was good - sour, but good!

Rosemary said...

You have girls who win the best smile award. They are precious. I love to greet Amelia in the morning when she comes to school. She always has her Mona Lisa smile ready.

Hicks Family said...

I can't believe she will be a year in 2 months! It has gone by so fast. I can see a little of you in that last picture, too.

Hicks Family said...

what are y'all doing tonight?

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

Wow!!! 10 months old. She is getting so big and cuter each day! What a blessing to have "met" you and her via this blog.

By the way, don't you love the double carts at Sams?

AJ said...

Sam's carts are my favorite! What a brilliant idea!

You're girls are so pretty! Avie sounds like she is getting quite the personality too.