Monday, February 09, 2009

Our weekend and Abby's Basketball Game!!

Amelia went to her first spend the night party on Friday at Jenna's house. She was so excited!! Wild woman was excited too, all the toys to herself and no one telling her NO. Yes, she can pull up on things ....everything.

She wanted my laptop so bad, so I got Amelia's out, she was not as interested.

She also has learned to point.

On Sunday, Avie wore the dress that Amy, me, Abby and Anna all wore......Amy could not "find" it when Amelia was this age....

She LOVES to wave.

On Sunday night we had Sundae Sunday after Church, of course all the kids love to eat ice cream for supper.

Avie even had her some ice cream.



Amelia made quite a mess too!


I think Avie was watching Anna in this pic.

Tonight we went to the Jr Pro Semi finals.....The girls won. Abby did so good she got a rebound and went back up. They play for the championship on Thursday.

Abby playing defense.

Me, Anna and Avie The Jr Pro cheerleaders.
Amelia took this pic, Anna moved as fast as she could to get in the pic.


Anonymous said...

These are really good pics! I am so proud of Abby!
(AKA: mini me)

Anonymous said...

These are really good pics! I am so proud of Abby!
(AKA: mini me)

Heather said...

I'm so jealous you got a pic of Avie's teeth!! I've been waiting and waiting for Aidan to open wide enough.

She's really coming along! Pulling up, waving, wanting only ADULT things... toys just don't do it these days now, huh?

Bev said...

Anna must have graduated suma cum laude from the Steve strange school of picture posing! Cute pictures and oh, believe my, by 9 yesterday morning every toy in the toy room was on the floor! Avie could quickly become Terrorist II.

The Holtons said...

I can't believe how both of your "A's" are growing!!!