Sunday, March 01, 2009


Avie is into everything. She can make a mess faster than you can turn around, and when you get that cleaned up she has vanished to make another one.

Yes that is Amelia sleeping that she is crawling all over.

Messing with the TV, she just loves Horatio!!!

Messing with the laundry

leaving this mess to go make another.!!!
Baby Charlee may be here sooner than we thought, talked to Lori on Friday she already weighs about 6.2 pounds!!!!


AJ said...

Those pictures of Avie crawling under the saucer are so funny! How did Amelia react to her nap time intruder?

The Ski's said...

Ahhhh...yes....I, too, feel your pain!!!!! Reid is into everything as well....but his preference is toilet water and dog food! Lovely, don't you think!!!!??? : ) Take care!

Hicks Family said...

only a few more months and I will be feeling your pain too...