Sunday, March 22, 2009

Past weekends

I got my camera back....yea!!!

This is from Lori and Kevins last weekend, Amelia and Jami became very good friends. We think b/c they both like to beg for food. Avie tried and tried to feed Jami with her bottle, but Jami would not have it.

Avie made lots of noise and crawled all over them, she is trying to get them ready for Baby Charlee............if she ever decides to make her entrance!!!! Hopefully after tomorrow we will have some idea.
For some reason, Avie is obsessed with that fake purple cabbage. I HATE purple cabbage, it grosses me out!!
This weekend we went to the Art Museum. The school had an exhibit.
This is Amelia standing besides Abby's piece.

This is Amelia's piece


LaurieR said...

Too cute!