Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a very busy weekend. Every morning starts with Avie doing her climbing, this morning she hit the mail cart. I got off at lunch on Friday so as soon as I got home we headed over to see Charlee.

Saturday afternoon was our Egg Hunt at Church. Amelia loves to ride the cart...I think Avie liked it too.

Amelia and I made over 50 cupcakes......

Avie loved to watch the kids run all around.

Anna was very excited to see Bebe (Avie), she had not seen her in almost a week.

Amelia looking for eggs.

All the kids.

Easter morning Amelia was very excited to see her basket....check out her bed head.

Pretty in her dress, Avie kept trying to sit on the wet grass, so none of them together
She got hers made inside. She wore Amelia's first Easter dress.
Sunday School.
Now for some fun family photos..................
First all the girls, can you say SCREAMING!!!!
Amelia, Avie and Charlee
All of us and our girls. Lori asked Danny, Kevin and Donald if it was possible for them to have a boy!! My answer is NO!!!! Anna was mad b/c she could not sit by Avie.

In the majority of these pics everyone is looking in all directions b/c there were 4 cameras taking pictures.
The Dawkins/McGuire's

Amy forgot to tell Papa not to change
Bev, Granny and the girls.
Amelia took this.
Getting ready for the Egg hunt!!!
Avie finding some eggs.
Amelia and Abby looking everywhere.
Avie with her eggs.

Amelia with her basket.
Anna.....before they ALL got in the pool.
Abby going off the diving board
Abby and Avie, for some reason I did not get one of Amelia in the pool
After Church last night we had to hunt eggs one more time at our house.


Hicks Family said...

Kayden wanted to hunt eggs last night after church at GG's. But, we didn't. Are we going to play today?

The Holtons said...

You should be "egg hunted" out!!!! Did you DYE eggs! There's the REAL fun!!!

Bev said...

I loved the entire day--lunch was great, fun to be with the Dawkins (big thanx to Hop & Gran's hospitality) the McGuire's, Cozart's & other grandparents. It was great--great--great! The girls all seemed to have fun, egg hunting, swimming & eating! I love noisy, too much to eat fun family times. XO Papa&Bev

Heather said...

Oh boy, those ARE some juicy thighs on your girl! I can't believe she's walking!! We're borrowing that mail cart from a friend, but Aidan tries to pull himself up on it and knocks it over everytime.

Cute Easter dresses!