Monday, May 04, 2009

Field Day

Thursday night was the Art Show at Amelia's school. She was so proud that they had made glasses!!! She loves art with Mrs. Colson. Friday was Field Day, for all you old time GCS'ers the Jog-a-Fun was brought back. Although it was similar honestly nothing like what you would remember. I remember we would make an entire day of it, the elementary kids would be cheered on by everyone, then the middle school and then the high school.....those were the good ole days....anyway....Amelia did very well and ran 8 laps!!!!

Donald did a few with her.

Then it was on to the competitions.....

Her butterfly/ladybug was awesome stayed on all day, during her bath, after I scrubbed her face and finally came off with eye makeup remover.

Amelia loved the slide and bouncy house.

Going down the slide on the obstacle course.

After lunch they divided into teams for a few messy games.
Notice her partner PAMELA during the egg toss, this was right before the egg broke on Amelia's forward egg was EVERYWHERE all in her hair, her glass on her face, along with the egg shell. I took her to the bathroom to attempt to clean her up, where she told me she HATED FIELD DAY. The next event was the cool whip toss so she got over the hate pretty quick. For some reason I did not get any pics of the fire truck spraying or the GIANT slip-n-slide but she had a great time.
On Saturday we started the 30 day shred with Jillian (I swear used to be a man) Michaels. Today is day 3 and I think my legs would feel better if I sawed them off with a butter knife.......May 31st will be the 30th day.........only 26 more.........
This pic is from Sunday after Church with 3 WILD kids!!!!

Next Friday, the 15th, Amelia will be graduating from Kindergarten, she is so excited and has been practicing her songs. We can not wait.


Lindsay and Willis said...

Hooray for Art Show props! Poor Amelia, not have good times at Field Day?

Hicks Family said...

I wondered if you started it. I started at the legs are feeling somewhat the same. See ya tonight.