Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dr visit

Avie will have tubes put in on July 6th.

They did a complete hearing evaluation. She did fine with voices but not so well with tones. The Dr said without the proper structures, from the cleft, there is no way that fluid will clear itself out so we need to go ahead and do it.

And....Amelia was so excited to meet her "new" cousins tonight will have lots of pics to post later, just too tired to walk to the car to get my camera.


Athen Bradford said...

As you know, Athen had tubes. The worse part is them coming off the sleepy med. He was like a mad child. After he napped, all was well. Good luck, and really its not that bad. OH, and just a heads up.... after Athen had his he had snot come out of his ears, really.

LaurieR said...

Love the new picture and I can't wait to see ya'll in less than a week! Love ya!

Kelly Rogers said...

I was reviewing comments on my blog when I found yours. Thank you for your kind words. I have really appreciated the outpouring of love and support from fellow bloggers during this difficult time.

Your girls are beautiful and I am looking forward to following your blog. So Avie had a cleft, correct? Was it a cleft lip and palate, or just one?