Monday, July 27, 2009

birthday and camping

Amelia had a great birthday, she loves the bike we got her, now we just have to work on those training wheels. Avie loves to watch her ride around.

birthday morning.

we had cake at Bev and Papa's, here is Anna
ready for the candles
we went camping at Little Talbot over the weekend and had a great time, it was also our 11th anniversary
these was before Avie went face down in the salt water, she is FEARLESS!!!!

we were right by a little creek so Amelia brought her fishing stuff, she was very mad they did not catch anything

she lost interest pretty quick especially when she found out Avie and I were headed to the playground
Donald fishing
Avie playing

then we went exploring at Big Talbot Island, they have lots of trees on the beach. You also have to hike a ways from the car to get there.

this was my attempt at the timer....
such a big girl
Amelia was a little bored on the way back and decided to snap some photos.

now....Donald loves to veer (?sp) off the road/track for side adventures....he decided that we needed to visit the Okefenokee we did.
this was at the end of the boardwalk, I contend that it is fake and they set it up so you can actually see something b/c on the 1.5 mile boardwalk all we saw were a bunch of BIG spiders.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun week-end! Where did all the driftwood come from? Happy Birthday, one last hurrah, for Meemae cuz Anna knows the order of all birthdays until hers...Happy Anniversary, XO Papa&Bev

Hicks Family said...

I'd be happy if all I saw were spiders...