Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Baby is 6!!!

I can't believe Amelia is 6 today. It is hard to remember our life before we had her. yes I know she had a lot of hair, by the time she was 1 you could part her hair down the middle, her bangs were grown out, and put in perfect little pigtails. She loved to wear big bows and never messed with them...unlike her sister!!

However sometimes baby hair has a mind of its own.

Happy Birthday, we love you Mimae!!


Hicks Family said...

I love that picture of her in the rocking chair!

Krissy said...

How cute! And you're right -- she did have a head full of hair. Both of your "babies" are beautiful :o)

Bev said...

Love you, Meemae--Happy 6th birthday all year long> XO Papa&Bev