Monday, July 20, 2009

Pool Party

We had Amelia's bday party on Saturday, in between the rain they were able to swim. We also had to improvise with other stuff....

sidewalk chalk eating

and playing in the rain

Lots of girls=LOTS OF SCREAMING!!!!!!
present time
Anna and Avie

Papa could not come to the party so he sent a note, they gave her a DS she was/is thrilled and has played Cooking Mama, which Pop and Granna gave her all weekend.

Avie decided that she needed to eat chalk, you can see a little bit of the evidence on her cheeks.

We had to hide her new bike in the closet.
cookie cake time

she had pulled her pigtails out, which makes her hair look crazy!!

Baby Charlee was there


Bev said...

Happy Birthday, Little Miss 6-Year Old! Pop & Granna are always good hosts and momma & daddy did a great job with your party, Mee mae, you are loved very much! We hope you have a great year as a 6 year old & a first grader! Glad you like the Nintendo DS, Love you, Papa&Bev

Louise said...

Too funny!!!! Happy Birthday Amelia!!!

Rosemary said...

Happy birthday to one of my favorite first graders! Amelia, you are going to be an AR champion. I have just spent several weeks with boys and think girls may "out-noise" them by far. See you soon. Wow!

Krissy said...

Looks like a fun party! I LOVE cookie cakes!!!!