Sunday, September 27, 2009

oh what a week

A few weeks ago, after I dropped Avie off, I had to stop back at the house and put some clothes in the dryer.  As I was pulling in a snake slithered in with me.....I was a little alarmed but was able to work through it.  Well Friday, Amelia rode with Donald so I came out to put Avie in the car and as I walked around there was a snake.  I HATE SNAKES!!!!!  and before you me it was an ANACONDA!!!!!  anyway....I thought ok this will be fine, I will go in get my stuff and crawl through the drivers side.....I go to walk by the Barbie car RIGHT BY THE DOOR and I saw a tail go under....I LOST IT!!!!!  I decided I could not get inside, usually my phone is in the car but it was still I walked across the street (his truck and car were there) I banged on the door and rang the answer.  My next door neigbor had already left so walk (holding Avie) a couple doors answer...after several more no answers at ALL my neighbors houses I checked the garage again....both still there.

Then I see a man walking, from a distance I was guessing his age to be about 60...the closer he got the older he got when he finally got to me I know he was pushing 85-90.  I told him I needed some help, I explained my predictament, he said he does not like snakes....I said well do you have a phone.  He said he lived about 300 yards down the road he would go get it, what he should have said was that he lived 1/2 mile down the road.  20 minutes later he comes walking back, why he did not drive I do not know.  I called Donalds dad to come get them out.  At this point Clyde, my new friend wants to see the he beebops to the garage peeks in and says "I aint going in there"...then he proceeds to tell me that when he was in Pakistan they had cobras and just a couple of weeks ago a snake got on his back steps and was half way in his house, I told him I was about to throw up....he then asked if I needed him to stay with me...uh...NO.

Donalds dad got the 2 snakes out and also a dried dead then I decide I need some snake away...our garage and backyard now smell like moth balls......I do not care as long as the snakes stay away!!!

On Saturday I took the girls for donuts and to the park.  I also went and got both of their Christmas dresses.

I killed this jewel on Saturday night...had to take a pic before his untimely death.


Hicks Family said...

I had chills just reading about that...I HATE SNAKES, TOO!!!!
The new layout is cute!

Anonymous said...

I want to join the "I hate snakes" club! Any snake is NOT A GOOD SNAKE in my opinion!!!

I must admit to laughing as I am reading this because it reminded me of my little snake mishap at the beginning of the school year :)

Amanda said...

Ew! It must be snake season where you live!! And the part about you're new friend cracks me up!

What on earth is that thing in the last picture??

Krissy said...

What an adenture!

And look at you -- already got the girls' Christmas dresses!!

The Holtons said...

I feel your pain!!! I despise Snakes!

Kelly Rogers said...

Eewww! I hate snakes, too! I can't imagine having to go through what you went through. Yikes! Glad we don't have too many snakes around here.