Tuesday, October 06, 2009


My little Avie in a night gown I got at my neighbor's yard sale.  Yes I know her hair is in her face, and everyone says cut it but well....I HATE BANGS!!!  After she wore this we decided it would be awhile before she will be allowed to wear again, since she did take her diaper off several times.....She is still everywhere and into everything.  We also got bedrails at the yard sale and will be moving her into a big girl bed ASAP!!just have to find a white twin size (if you have one let me know).  She knows all of her body parts including her elbows which is so cute when she does, she can say everything you tell her, she does better at times than others.  She is doing better with her b and p sounds which is very encouraging.   She LOVES Anna!!  She stays with bev on Monday and Tuesday with Anna and loves to hug and kiss her, which I am SURE Anna loves too, they are always excited to see each other!!


Kristin said...

She's so cute!

Louise said...

I love that nightgown!!! She is so cute!

Heather said...

Wow, going to a big girl bed??? I can't imagine Aidan without his crib, but I guess it'll happen soon enough. And that's awesome she knows her body parts! Aidan knows MY belly button, but that's about it. Oh, my slow boy. haha