Monday, January 25, 2010

21 months

Avie is 21 months old today...look at me right on time with this!!!!  Here are 21 facts about her:

  1. she is WILD, she goes 90 mph ALL THE TIME.
  2. She LOVES Anna.
  3. She can say everyones name......except Abby.....
  4. I think she calls her apple
  5. If you ask her the babies name she always says Char-Char
  6. If you ask her the dogs name she always says Boo-Boo
  7. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...and can name the whole cast
  8. She loves to play Barbie's in Amelias room
  9. She HATES the remote control Barbie car....with reason it is possesed and goes by itself.
  10. She loves toke (coke)
  11. She fell down the deck stairs on Saturday head first and the only thing she was worried about was her pizza.
  12. She still roams around at night, yes the doors are locked, no she can not open them, and no I am not worried she will get into something b/c she gets into everything when we are up.
  13. She loves to climb, she scaled her bookcase to get a piggy bank off the top, thank goodness we have it screwed in the wall.
  14. She loves to color...on everything except coloring books.
  15. Amelia loves to use the magic eraser, and gets lots of practice based on above.
  16. When she gets in trouble or even thinks she is in trouble she drops her little head and heads to the corner.
  17. Sometimes in the car she will bite herself and then "pank" herself....saves time I guess.
  18. She loves M&M's
  19. She has been going to the potty some....
  20. She has SERIOUS bedhead......every morning!!!!

21. She loves to help, especially if Amelia is.

and....Amelia loves to make blueberry muffins!!


Hicks Family said...

the hair totally cracked me up!

Mary said...

Too cute! I love the 21 facts to match her age...I had never thought of that!

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

so cute!!! I love her hair. Adalynn's hair is CRAZY in the mornings as well and not nearly as long as Avie's. I know I am in trouble! Does she fight you when it has to be detangled/combed? Adalynn doesn't fight, but often says "just plain mommy, no hair bows, okay?" It is too cute!!!!

Heather said...

Wow!! That's one head of hair!! haha Aidan has a slight cowlick, but nothing like Avie's!

And what a little mischief-maker she is! I can't believe she climbed her bookcase. We haven't even connected any of ours to the wall! Love the 21 idea... might have to steal that.

Kelly Rogers said...

I love the 21 facts at 21 months! It is so cute that Avie heads to the corner on her own when she is in trouble. That is just too funny. And her bed head - my goodness! That must take awhile to comb through!

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