Sunday, March 07, 2010

Baseball game, play...and sick again!!

Amelia loves to mess with Avie when she is asleep, this is what we found one day last weel

Saturday they had an Alumni baseball game, the girls loved being outside finally!!!  Amelia starts her coach pitched practice this week so she has been practicing.

Avie wears one of Amelia's old shirts from GCS, it has Me-Mae on the back...had to explain that quite a bit:)
Donald took the fence behind home plat down and they put up a concrete wall with the netting, yes you can see much better but it kinda makes me nervous.....

Love this picture!! I love side-by-side shots of the girls in the same outfit.  Now I know Avie is small, however Amelia must have been VERY TINY.......Avie is 22 months wearing this shirt....Amelia was 4!!

Last night we went to Abby's play "Stone Soup" she was one of the leads.  She did so good!!   Avie is actually letting Abby hold her!!

On the way home Avie fell asleep......When we were IN THE GARAGE she did this weird choking sounding cough, I told Donald (she was on his side) to get out and get her...he said she is fine...and sat there a bit....BIG MISTAKE!!!  She proceeded to throw up in my car..........needless to say I was right and he was wrong...I did tell him that too!! 

To say she is pathetic this morning is an understatement, she is still asleep and just not her normal wild self:(  I am not sure if she was even drinking...I think she was sleeping.


Hicks Family said...

Hey, were sick again too! It is Kayden this stuff.

Bev said...

Great pictures, so sorry Avie & Abby were sick this past week, they are just pathetic when they feel those little girls so much! Congrats to Donald & the Generals on back-2-back wins! Keep up the good work...