Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Art Show

Amelia's has a piece of her art in the Art Show this month.  They had a premier party on Sunday!!!

She did not want me take this picture......

Avie has been as wild as an Indian.....she is into everything.....still coloring everywhere.  Yes I have hid and put away all the crayons but I think she may have a secret stash somewhere.  They always take baths together, so tonight Avie was out and dressed, Amelia was out and dressed.....then Amelia came out of the bathroom and said she had "bad news".  Apparently when Amelia got out she left the rag in which was in the drain....so there was still water...and Avie climbed in fully dressed and was taking another bath....I guess maybe we should try and focus on wathcing her a little better.

She went to the ENT today, tubes are still there and all looks good he said, see her back in 6 months.  While we were waiting she was playing with her Barbie phone so I asked her who she was calling...she said Dorothy (her Sunday school teacher) and Chuck........she is crazy!!!


Hicks Family said...

But she is soooo cute!

Kristin said...

I know mom has a picture of Ashley in the bathtub with his pj's on! I'm sure he will appreciate me sharing that : )

Kelly Rogers said...

Great picture, Amelia! I love the turtle!

Oh the tub story is too funny! The crazy things kids do, huh?