Monday, June 21, 2010

Dr and Game

We went up to Atl on Thursday afternoon, Avie had a Dr appt first thing Friday.  The girls were so excited to see Cathy, Buddy and especially Molly. 

Avie did GREAT at the Dr.  She got right up in the chair and opened her mouth....of course we only saw the Speech did everything he asked.  He said he was amazed how many words she knew and the number of words she said at a time....full conversations.  The best part was we were RELEASED!!!!!!!!  We are so glad to finally be here!!

After the Dr we went to a park so the girls could run around and play.

That night we went to the Braves Game.

They had to say goodbye to Molly the next morning.


Hicks Family said...

Yay about the appointment!!! That is great news!

The Ski's said...

So happy for you that the appointment went better than planned! And released??? WOW! What a joy for your beautiful family! Congrats, Avie!!!! I am jumping for joy for you all!

Kelly Rogers said...

How exciting to be released!! That is great news. Congratulations!