Tuesday, June 08, 2010

We have been BUSY!!!

Wow...we have been busy!! Amelia was SUPER excited to finish school...so excited we finished a day early and I let her skip the last day....oh well!!

Before school got out Evan came home with us from Church and we had a fun afternoon. These two are such good friends and play so good together, Avie likes her too!!

Then we had Honor's Day at school.  We knew Amelia would receive Principal's Honor Roll award.....

but she also received the highest grade on the achivement test....

and the 1st Grade Good Citizenship Award!!  We are so proud of her:)

also  proud of Abs!!
few more of Amelia and her awards...how cute is she in that outfit!!
Few pics from before Church

Lori and Charlee were here that weekend and that Sunday, Amelia went home with them for 8 days!!!!

She did so good!!
The next weekend was Memorial Day and Donald and I went camping in St Marys.

it was so fun!!

Amelia, Avie and I have all been sick...several times....and I think Avie even spread it to Charlee when they went to pick Amelia up!! 

Now I LOVE pictures of the girls at the same age in the same outfit, it is so great to see how much they are alike/different!!

how great are these!!!!  the same cheesy grin!!  I could not find the one of Amelia (left) on my computer so I had to take a pic thus the great quality.

Avie is so funny these days and SO SMART!!  She knows the alphabet, she can count to somewhere in the teens....whatever she feels like doing, and she knows most of her colors (especially the ones that are also M&M's).  She just got done spanking her Mickey Mouse and telling him that was ugly.....I wonder where she has heard that before.  She cracks us up with the things she says and can remember everything!

In other exciting news, Papa and Bev got a kitten....actually she showed up and will not leave.  The girls LOVE her, they all have different names for her, Avie's however is most unique..."kitty".  She is BAD!!!....but hilarious.

Only about 5 weeks until our vacation...I had a little panic attack about the oil spill but decided I would rather be on vacation in the oil that to not so....then Donald had me google alligator and python....go ahead do that and see the pics...then I was worried about that...but realized we would be fine....then Donald told me there are lots of iguanas....so now I am worried about that....oh well!!

One last pic of Avie and the crazy face she likes to make!!


Louise said...

The girls are getting SO big!!!! And they look so cute in all their outfits! Hope y'all are all feeling better now!!!

The Holtons said...

You are so funny-Don't worry, just enjoy your vacation! I am so proud of Amelia!!!

Hicks Family said...

Ya'll HAVE been busy...the last picture looks like Anna, and we have that same dress.

Kelly Rogers said...

I love all the pics. And you should definitely be a proud mama when it comes to Amelia's school awards. That's so awesome!