Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keys Part II

On Tuesday we, of course, went back to the beach to build a sand castle.

and to play in the water.

Donald is having fun....I think....

we left the beach around lunch and headed to Key West.

the Southernmost point had a line about 50 deep so we just took a drive by shot.

then we found Amelia Street

then we went to the Aquarium

love her face in this one.
the shark tank
Avie petting a shark....Amelia would not do it

she was amazed by the sea turtles

scary sponge man....

Amelia wanted to get her hair wrapped...

the second she got out of that chair Avie was in it, saying my turn my turn...so


Kelly Rogers said...

It looks like you guys really had a great trip. We want to take Gavin to the aquarium near us soon. Can't blame Amelia for not wanting to touch the shark, don't know if I would, either. Once again, great pics! And I love the new header picture. It's so nice to get family shots.