Sunday, August 01, 2010

Keys Part III

We moved campgrounds on Tuesday but before we did we rode/walked around a bit.  We needed a break from all the SAND!!!

we were making our way to the top of the old bridge.

then we made the big move.  We were excited since the next one had a pool and we were very close to the water.

Wednesday was a BIG day on the was Amelia's 7th birthday!!!!  She caught this fish that morning by herself.

that night we went and fed the tarpon's at Robbie's.....they were huge and there were tons of them.  We ate there too for Mimi's b-day.

then back to the camper for cheesecake!!!  We can not belive she is already 7...just a flashback from when she was born:)

back to the trip......

on Thursday we went to Long Key State Park and wandered around.....

we were not suppose to leave until Friday but around noon on Thursday Bonnie was bearing down a bit to hard for our liking....they had gotten a weather report for wind at 50 in a camper that did not sound like something we wanted to deal with so we went ahead and left and went to St Augustine to see Kev, Loony and Char-Char.....and that is about the point when my batteries died!!

we had so much fun and the girls loved it!!


Hicks Family said...

Looks like a great trip and happy late bday to Amelia!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I have enjoyed each episode--if your camera battery died, I guess this is the last installment. Glad you had fun and happy, happy 7th birthday, Meemae, we love you! Papa&Bev

Lindsay and Willis said...

I love how Amelia is throwing up the Peace Sign in 90% of these pictures! What a cutie!