Monday, August 30, 2010

The weekend

So on Friday morning after I dropped my girls off I picked up Meli and we headed to Montgomery to see Laurie.  SHE WAS SHOCKED!!!!  She had no idea we were coming and was so surprised.  Two weeks ago Laurie gave one of her kidneys to a friend.  Was I surprised that she did this, no way she is just that kind of person.  Anyway I wish we could have got a picture of her face when she saw was priceless!!    We tasked her about 8374893 questions about everything you can imagine....and probably somethings you can not!! 

Her Nana was there so we were well taken care of, and her Church is STILL bringing food daily..we were THRILLED about that:)  Saturday we, along with Leigh-Leigh watched TV for hours and hours and we may have eaten....more....that night Melissa and Leigh demonstrated the Zumba DVD Melissa brought....I was in pain from laughing.   We had so much fun and cant't wait until she is back to her old self.


Hicks Family said...

thank you for keeping that video to yourself! :)

LaurieR said...

The best surprise ever and going down as one of my favorite weekends ever! Thanks again for coming!!! Love you!

Leigh said...

It was such a fun weekend!! I am so glad ya'll came!!! I will need to see that video through an email please :) Love you!