Friday, August 06, 2010

1st day

Today was the 1st day of 2nd grade for Amelia.  She was less than thrilled!!...but eventually came around.

I love this picture...they are both standing exactly the same.
Avie had to get her Minnie Mouse bookbag out since Amelia had one!!

Amelia and Jenna before we started.
We went out to eat tonight with everyone.

We have been so busy the last couple of weeks.  Amelia had 4 teeth cut out, because her other teeth have already started coming in.  She also started having nosebleeds again and they got worse so she had to go back to the ENT and have her nose cauterized...again.  Avie is WILD as ever and cracks us up all the time with the things she says.


Kelly Rogers said...

So sweet! I love all the pictures. The one of the girls both leaning over with their backpacks is so cute! I hope Amelia had a wonderful first day of second grade.

John, Shannon, Broderick, Camden, and Adalynn said...

LOVE all the photos and the black background really makes them pop! Your girls are so stinkin' cute!