Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookies with Santa & Suwannee River Lights

Sunday night we had cookies with Santa at Church.

 Amelia had no issue with telling Santa exactly what she is looking for.
 Avie wanted NO part of Santa, she was NOT happy to be up there...at all.  Of course when we got done all she could talk about was Santa.
 Last night we took the girls down to the Suwannee River lights.  They were excited.

 Apparently the lights wore Amelia out, she passed out on the way home.  Avie sang Rudolph....with some of her own not nice lyrics!!
 Here are some random pics from this past weekend.  The girls went to a friends western birthday party.

 Saturday was the motorcycle run. Swinging with Avie like this on a swing is DANGEROUS!!  She laid back, let go, stood up and made me nervous.
 trying to get the motorcycles to honk their horns, then she would laugh like crazy.
 Frog pajamas, Donalds shoes, a sombrero, blue beads and Justin Beiber sticker....she is ready to go.


My Love Times Two said...

I love that kid!