Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas 2011

We are back from our mountain vacation, it was so much fun!!  But first the Christmas pics...

On Christmas Eve we started by making the reindeer food.....

 Then after family pics, separate post, we went downtown for a few pics of the girls.

 Then we had Christmas at Bev's....I am sure these two are discussing some apps....
 Once we got home we had to spread the reindeer food.
 Since Christmas was on a Sunday we had to get up extra early.....and someone was NOT happ...not even for Santa.
 This is the girls present from how you can see Avie in the background on the couch.
 She started to come around when we got the stockings out.
 and by the time she got to the pogo stick she was THRILLED!!!
 Amelia on her skateboard.
 Four crazy girls on the trampoline.


My Love Times Two said...

Kayden is totally jealous of the trampoline!