Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday Amelia spent the night with Evan, when Avie and I stopped by on the way home she showed us her new lizard....Avie said it was delicious and wanted to eat it....she is NUTS!!

She went to sleep, with Ashley Leigh Whitebaby wathcing, at about 8:30 and seemed fine....

Saturday I have been trying to go on longer runs, this week I was hoping for 15 miles.  So I got up, ate something and was waiting for around 8 when Avie coughed that know the one....the throw up one:(  She was pitiful, she apparently was so congested and snotty (gross I know) that her stomach was full and she threw up and threw up...snot.  She strangled and struggled so much to get it up her nose bled and the little vessels in her eye broke.

She finally wiped herself out at about 9:30 so Donald went and got Amelia.  When he got back I went and ran (there may be some walking in there but its my blog and I can call it what I want).  I only got 9.5 miles in b/c Donald had baseball practice. He took Amelia with him and I hung out with sickly who started perking up, and ate some BBQ chips and popcorn:)
 Then she really perked up and cabin fever took over and she became her crazy self!!

 She seems much better today.  After lunch and a Sunday afternoon nap I went and ran for about an hour and got 5 miles in.  Now Amelia and Avie are playing nicely in her room.......


Louise said...

The picture with the rag on her head is SO pitiful!!! She just looked so pititful!!! Glad she's feeling better! And I'm so impressed with your running!!! One mile is way intimidating to 15?!?!? :)