Friday, March 09, 2012

Our week

This is randomness.

On Tuesday my car hit the 111,111 mile mark.   Yes I took a pic, on the interstate.  I have only 3 payments left and plan on driving that sweetness until the wheels fall off...or the air does not work:)

Wednesday was pajama day at Avie's pre-school.  She TRIED to take Ashley Leigh Whitebaby, but Mrs. Missy made her leave her in the car.  I thought Avie was going to cry or grab that hot mess and run but she did good and just walked her tight pajama self inside.
 They finally finished the new park in our neighborhood, the 1970's had called and wanted the other one back!!!!!!!  I took off early Thursday fo Amelia's program so we had to stop on the way home from school.  The girls loved it.

 Thursday night was Writer's Night at Amelia's school.  She has been SO NERVOUS!!!!!  She literally made herself sick Wednesday night, but she did great.  They recorded their story and an "I Am" poem, but had to introduce it. 
Thank goodness today is Friday, it has been a week of Mondays at work and we have NO plans for the weekend.


Louise said...

I love that you took a picture of your car while driving....I took one while I was driving when mine got to 110,000!!! :)
Amelia looks SO pretty and SO grown up in that dress!!!

Danielle said...

Your family is beautiful!! Love your blog. Newest reader!