Saturday, March 24, 2012

Funny Avie pics, 10k and fun run

 Wedneday Amelia made Avie made so she made above face, of course this was after a little fist fight....
 Below is another one of her signature faces.
 She is crazy
 Thursday it rained, tbat and softball practice were cancelled (aww....) so Avie played a little in the rain. 
 This morning was the 10k and the fun run.  My goal was 66 minutes (11 min mile).  It was humid:(  My time was 1:05.37 so I was good with that.
This pic was before the girls fun run and Avie was mad b/c I would not let her have another cookie.
 This was at the start line, about 5 seconds before it started raining.  I told them the rain would keep them cool.
 I told Amelia not to stay with Avie and I, so she took off in a crazy sprint.  This is her going across the finish line.  She did good.
 This is crazy Avie going across.  She was so funny, she told me at one point that she was going ridiculous fast, this was when we were walking.....


Louise said...

I love the faces!
I love that Avie was mad that she couldn't have another cookie before she went running....I can so relate!!! :)
I got some new shoes so I guess I'm really going to start this running (probably walking) thing!!!

Megan said...

How fun! I love that you include everyone in the racing :) Great time, BTW!!!