Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24. 2012

As I sit on the eve of the cutest 3 year old evers birthday, I can't help but to look back at my blog posts from 4 years ago.  On April 24, 2008 I had the last appt of the day, and I knew from my NST and ultrasound that the Dr was going to make me go for observation...and I was not happy.  Donald was at a baseball game and would not answer his cell, I finally had to call the other coach to tell him I was going in.  Luckily we had already decided he would drive his own truck rather than ride bus to the games.  Needless to say I drove myself to the hospital...all 205 pounds of me.....I was a sight!!!

GOOD GRACIOUS PETE...I realize I was pregnant but I only had 1 baby, and this pic was from Easter about 3 weeks before Avie was born and she was a month early.  And Avie looks just like Amelia:)

Anyway....where was I going with this....we were so nervous that night, and I was a little annoyed I even had to spend the night b/c I was so busy at work, and besides I had a scheduled date and it was in MAY! 

Back to the present, Amelia is still on her school trip to Jekyll, and Avie and I miss her...but I do not miss the homework, I am even able to go running tonight whenever Donald gets home from the game.  Amelia fell yesterday, in the marsh....she was a muddy mess.  That was right after she made a comment about the crabs in the marsh mating.....where do they get these things from.  Below is pic her teacher took today, she is a lot braver without us with her!!


Louise said...

She cracks me up!!! Where is she getting this stuff from!?!?! :)
And I think you looked great pregnant!! I look back at my pictures and I just look miserable!! I'm going to remember that for next time I'm pregnant!! :)