Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Amelia had her first game last night.  This year she moved up to machine pitch.  She did so good, their team won 8-1 and Amelia got a hit!

 She has a VERY loose tooth,like it is bruised at the gum and needs to come out.  She is 8 and has lost 6 teeth....4 of which had to finally be cut out because her permanent teeth were already in behind the baby teeth.  The last two that were pulled was a very dramatic she had to be held down and fought us.  So last night shoe wrote Donald this favorite part is when she drew the pic and wrote "I better look like this when I get done"...of course when he tried to do it she woke up and quickly changed her mind.


Louise said...

Way to go, Amelia!!! I can/t wait until Ellie can start playing something!!!
I still really love her letter to Donald!!! Hilarious!!!

Healthy Branscoms said...

Hi! You won a giveaway on my blog a little bit back. I just need you to email me your email address so we can get the Dining out Deals book to you from! :) Thanks! Erin