Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

We spent the weekend in Orlando with L2L.  Amelia did so good and Avie was crazy:)

 Amelia after her scripture reading.  She was so nervous before but once she finally went and sat with the other girls she did fine.

 Before puppets
 waiting on the show
 Amelia's puppet is front row 3rd one down

 Group shot, at this point it was abot 11 on Friday night and Avie was PASSED out.
Avie and Anna before they led their songs.  Anna gave Avie last minute instructions on how to do it...which is probably what led to the fight when they were done. 
Avie leading her song: "Jesus Loves Me"

On stage with Anna Grace and Brianna

Amelia scored top ten in Bible Bowl. 
 This is a pic of the puppet team.  They called the top three on stage.  The kids were so excited...then they called third place...not them and then second....
and it was just like when they announce the Miss America runner up.  Our puppet team won first, they were so excited and proud of themselves.  And there is my kid on the front row acting crazy...just like her Dad!

 Sunday was also Abby's 13th brithday.  So we had a lottle impromptu party after the awards ceremony.

 Easter morning.  Avie was her normal self and took a couple of pictures and then proceeded to pull Amelia's dress up.  Amelia was NOT happy!!!
I totally skipped the weigh in on Monday, actually I weighed myself but it hurt my feelings.  I am a firm believer you do not diet out of town...and since I am leaving for the beach Thursday thru Sunday this could be not good......
Machine pitched softball starts tonight...sometimes Amelia is excited and sometimes...NOT


Holly said...

The scale hurt my feeling too. Great pictures, though! :)

Louise said...

I didn't know the scale was capable of NOT hurting my feelings!!!
All the girls look SO cute in their dresses!!
Great job at convention!
Have fun at the beach!