Sunday, April 29, 2012

Relay for life, game, pool and party!!

We have already had such a busy weekend!!  Friday night was Relay for Life, and since Bevy did not want to be outdone by Papa on the survivor lap she went and got breast cancer last year....sheesh some people:)

Avie and Anna

 Avie and Abby, Amelia was still recovering for her few days at Jekyll camp and was about passed out in a chair at this point.
 Papa, Bev, and Teresa on the survivor lap.
 Papa and Bevy on the survivor lap.
 The A-team with Papa and Bevy
 The team lap
 Amelia had a game Saturday morning at 9:30, which was way too early.  I got up at 6 to go run and it was HOT!!!!   It is suppose to be 97 here today:(  After the game we went to the pool.
 Me and Crazy Avie
 Amelia jumping in

 Last night we had a party for Avie, she wanted an ice cream cake but those things are way to expensive so I made an ice cream sandwich cake. 
 About 2 minutes after everyone left she passed out.
We are finally down to the final countdown of school and I am so ready for it to be OVER!! 


Louise said...

I love all the pictures from the Relay for Life!!
I also REALLY love ice cream sandwich cakes!!! YUM! (I actually have one in my freezer right now!!) :)
How do you run when it's so hot?!?!?