Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last birthday posts!!

We are having Avie's party on Saturday so we had just a "people who live in our house" (as Avie says) party last night.  We had planned to go out to eat but Amelia got home from Jekyll yesterday and the frappe she had along with the bus ride did not mix well with her stomach......

One of Avie's favorite things to do is pick out her own clothes....after about 6 tries we agreed on this:)

 While Donald and Avie went to Church, and Amelia laid on the couch, I hung streamers with tape on the fan (CLASSY!!!!!)  Donald called when they turned in the neighborhood so we turned out all the lights.....after she finally made it from the back door to the living room we yelled surprise.  SHE WAS SO EXCITED:) 

 She loves to play babies so we got her a high chair, that looked much bigger on the box, she put her Bertha baby in it and it kept tipping over:)
 Then she started with the cupcakes.  Avie and I are a perfect team on these, I do not like icing and she does not like the cake part:)
 This was after she literally sucked the icing from two cupcakes.....she went crazy
 four years old

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!


Louise said...

I think that she did better getting into her cake than Ellie did on her 1st birthday!! :) I love that she got it in her hair!!! :)
Hope Amelia's feeling better!!