Wednesday, May 23, 2012

oh what a week!!

This has already been a BUSY week!!  Today is the actual last day of school, but Amelia always skips b/c there is no reason for her to sit through Senior Chapel, so yesterday she finished.  But we will start with Saturday...........

Avie had her team party, it was a pool party.  Of course she loved it and was so proud to get her trophy!

On to Monday....cause Sunday we just laid at  the pool:)

This was Amelia's first year in machine pitched softball, and she has come such a long way, the whole team has.  So Monday started the tournament.  They have a 75 minute time limit, and we were visitors.  So it was the last inning (only about 10 minutes left) and we were down by 5.....and we tied the game.  So the other team of course gets last bat...still tied...Then we go back in to hit and we are at the bottom of the line up..and Amelia is third batter...first little girl gets up..out..then the next, she gets base hit...then Amelia, she gets a hit and gets out at first but the runner gets home. Anyway to make a long game short we won 14-11, they were THRILLED.....

Last night, Tuesday, we played the number one team.  They came in with BIG attitude at the end of the first inning we were up 2-1 and then we had an HOUR lightning delay...we finally started again at 8...and we won!!  Amelia finally made it all the way home, they were so excited...and we were too!!  So championship game on Thursday.

On Tuesday Amelia had her Awards program at school.  She received Headmasters Honor Roll and the Bible Award.  We are so proud of her.
 First and Last day of school photos!!

We are also leaving on Sunday for vacay....all I have done is cleaned the camper nothing Friday night and Saturday will be busy.  I am taking Abby and Amelia to a concert Saturday night, and Donald has made it very clear we are leaving at 4am on I will be SLEEPY!!

Come to the ballgame Thursday at 6 and wear blue!!!