Friday, May 25, 2012

Season ender

Amelia had her championship game last night.  They played a travel softball team, which are way too serious btw!!  The first inning we were worried it was going to not be pretty....Our girls finally pulled themselves together and by the third inning it was a good game.  Amelia did so good! 

 Unfortunately we fell short and the final score was 10-9. To see their little faces after they lost broke my heart. With tears in their eyes they accepted their 2nd place award. We were placed, I think, 6th out of 7 teams going into the tournament so we know how hard they played.

Followed by our supper for the second time this week.  Avie makes sure she gets EVERY last drop


Louise said...

Way to go Amelia!! And I love their socks!! Too cute!