Wednesday, August 08, 2012

1st Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school!!

Monday night we had Open House and the girls were so excited.  Amelia is in 4th and Avie started 4-year old kindergarten.

 Avie in front of her door, at this point Amelia had already ditched us.
 Avie and Jennifer matching.....Avie asked her how did you know I was going to wear this.

 By the time we got home from Open House, Amelia had finally started to get excited about school starting.  She already had her outfit picked out...especially easy when it is a uniform and there are so few choices.

 On her way in for first morning assembly.
 Avie and Anna....Amelia was clear across the building at this she did not even know us.

 Look how little she looks....
 I had to get someone sitting near Amelia take a picture of her and text to me since she would not even look my general direction.


Louise said...

Amelia just thinks she is too cool!! :) They both look so cute all ready for school!