Sunday, October 14, 2012

Games, Pumpkins, Runs and Parties

Amelia's games started last week....most of them are at 6:45 (which really means after 7) so we had some late nights!!

 Friday night we went with the Colson's to the pumpkin patch....actually in S GA it is a Peach Farm they bring pumpkins to......but the girls loved it.
 On the "train" maze ride.  The lady driving was so funny, she had a train whistle she blew about the whole ride.

 This is the corn cob sling shot
 Hannah loved her sucker
 On the hay ride

 Now let's talk about this next pic.  I had 13 miles to do on Saturday, I got done and this is what I had, I was pretty pumped....then I logged on to the mapmyrun website from my computer.....apparently at mile 10 my GPS went crazy......I knew something was not right when it showed I did mile 11 and 12 in like 7 minutes each:(  So I mapped it on the computer and it was actually like 12 my pace was more like 10.41. I am ok with that but not really........I have been doing ice baths for anything over 10 and it has helped my legs recover better so I can actually walk later in the day:)
 Our friend from Church/school had her bday party yesterday afternoon and the girls had a blast!!


Suz and Allan said...

Pumpkin farms/pumpkin patches are some of my favorite places to go in the fall. I hope I never grow out of enjoying it as much as children do!

icecreamtomarathon said...

Great job on the 13 miles! Love all your pics!

boomboom said...

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