Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Past week

Last Wednesday we celebrated Anna's bday at Bevy's house.

 Saturday was Abby and Anna's play.
 The girls were out of school on Thursday and Friday for Fall Break.  Amelia had practice Saturday and Monday.  On my way home Monday I called and Donald said him and Amelia were getting ready, I asked what Avie was doing....he said she fell asleep on the way home....UGH!!!!!  Her going to sleep at 5 is BAD NEWS....I finally was able to wake her up about 6 and she was a WILD WOMAN....see pics below for proof.

I have 13 miles for my long this weekend and hopefully my one tow can survive, it took a pretty brutal beating this past weekend.


Louise said...

The little nap does explain a lot about the pictures!! :) I love that picture of Anna by her cake where she's looking back at someone and smiling! :)

My Love Times Two said...

The pics of Avie make me laugh! She is so funny!

Suz and Allan said...

Hope your long run went well this weekend!