Saturday, October 27, 2012

My first Half

Ran my first half this I can say I ran Boston.....GA:)

Melissa was our driver back, she made this shirt last night to support the A-team:0  She is a GREAT friend!

 This was around mile 5
To say the course was boring....would be the understatement of the YEAR.    I had a hard time deciding around mile 9 if my bloodsugar was high, normal or low.....apparently it was fine because at the end it was 87 so all was good.  My time was 2:14.45!!


Holly said...

A half marathon under 2:30?! You are amazing!! Good job, lady. :)

icecreamtomarathon said...

Wow, that's awesome!!! What a great time! Sorry about the boring course though, I'm sure that made it hard.

Suz and Allan said...

Great job! That's a very speedy time!